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Coming Tours :

Tokyo : Sepember 24th - September 27th

Australia : October & November 

I am a typical oriental lady from Shanghai in my late of 30’s. Like most Asian women, silence and mystery are my style. Besides this and my maturity, wisdom, life experience and awareness, you will see a fun-loving person with a zest for life. Add my smile and beauty and you are in for a pleasurable time if we meet. A bit different from your usual companion, the vibe you will never get from other young ladies who do not have other careers or business experience. I have a bachelor degree in computer information management, so I am logical in mind but passionate when I’m with you.


I am a high-quality companion, and I provide professional GFE & PSE & FEMDOM with so much passion, especially porn star experience which is my favorite. It’s hard to get a beautiful professional and all-around player who fully enjoys the fun (except female submission).


As a well-travelled person, I would love to share my independent opinions on different cultures, politics and humanity as a Chinese who has travelled the world. Or maybe discuss any other topics you are interested in if they are not sensitive or related to my privacy. I am looking for a few special clients, not looking to go sleeping around with other people's husbands at all hours of the night! Just don’t get me too drunk with red wine or champagne.

Are you ready to take a journey and enjoy an adventure with me?

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